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How to Find a Licensed Locksmith in Las Vegas

Every time there needs work to be done inside the house, the hands you hire must be legitimate and trust worthy. Most of us do an extensive research before hiring a handyman but fail to give a second though when it comes to a locksmith.

The need for a locksmith comes at desperate times. Although, we’ve heard that prevention is better than cure, we hardly make an effort to seek out a locksmith before their services are demanded. A frantic online search leads to finding the closest and the cheapest locksmith available. Much thought is not given on hiring a locksmith because the primary issue is not the trustworthiness of the expert but to calm the anxious storm building in your head. The only though running on your mind will be ‘let me get in, I won’t be this careless the next time.’


State requirement for working as a locksmith in Nevada

If it weren’t for locksmiths, the only way of entering a locked house would be by breaking the door open. Locksmiths are skilled professionals who are trained to pick locks. It is a sensitive profession as the primary role of a locksmith is intrusion of privacy.

Given the nature of the job, there are strict pre-requirements that a company must adhere to in order to practice. The nature of this varies from state to state. In Nevada, each practicing locksmith is required to carry a license and a work card (sheriff card).

The locksmith must have his card on him at all times. Every time the locksmith changes the location of business, an update of the same must be made on the card. You should ask the locksmith to show his/her card before they set to work.


Choosing a locksmiths in Las Vegas

  • There are many locksmith services in Las Vegas. It depends on the mode of search employed- if you’re using a smart phone or a laptop, look for companies whose contact details start with 800-. These are generally local contact numbers and not to an off-shore dispatcher.
  • It is best to stay away from the companies listed as ads. Most of these are not local, to begin with and charge a heavy price. Also, these companies scam money from the customer per click.
  • The best way to find a locksmith in Las Vegas is by doing it the ‘old-school’ way. Grab a phone directory (yes, these are still available) and look for locksmiths. The best part about these local ads is that along with the contact number, the license and registration of the locksmith is also printed. This way you know that the services offered are legitimate.
  • If you cannot find a phonebook at hand, visit the business center license website and look for the company.
  • An ineffective way of looking for a locksmith is by grading them based on rating. Not all high rated locksmith services are good. The ratings can be manipulated. Go by recommendations.
  • If at any time, something feels amiss, drop the services and find another locksmith.


With everything being said, it is important to clarify that locksmiths in Las Vegas can be trusted with maintaining your security and working in your best interest. As long as the agent comes with an I.D you have nothing to fear about. In case, the locksmith demands for extra, apart from the tip, which was not stated in the estimate, call the concerned services and place a complaint. All the locksmiths practicing in Las Vegas for over 5 years have a clean police record and are trust worthy.


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